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Deposits is fulfilling its mission to transform financial services for everyone. This release helps push the industry to evolve beyond APIs and move toward composable customer experiences that save time, money, and delight users.


We are excited to announce the release of the Fintech UIkit, the flexible and easiest way to build and launch money products.  This Kit is the most complete set of components for assembling banking, lending, and insurance products, with components available in React, Vue, and Flutter.

A design system is a collection of reusable components, such as card input fields, SSN fields, buttons, and dropdowns, as well as their usage rules for the purpose of keeping your product consistent with a delightful experience.

This design system has been developed to streamline and enhance the user experience for financial services applications, with a focus on accessibility, efficiency, and consistency.

Key Features:

  • Components available in React, Vue, and Flutter
  • Consistent design across all platforms
  • Accessibility-focused design
  • Streamlined development process
  • Customizable white-label-ready components for any brand
  • Comprehensive documentation and support

In this release, we have focused on creating components that are easily adaptable to individual applications, while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all platforms. We have also put a strong emphasis on accessibility to ensure that all users have a seamless experience.


All components in the design system are customizable to fit any brand theme, enabling you to tailor the components to your individual needs. We built a theming engine from the roundup to support ‘themeability’ that makes the product original to your brand. This enables you to customize brand colors while keeping semantic colors like warning, success, and info consistent with design best practices. We have also included comprehensive documentation and support to ensure smooth integration with your existing workflows.

As a company building for a world where customer needs are constantly changing and a future where embedded plug-and-play banking will be as easy as setting up a social media account, we believe this Kit will make a significant impact on the financial services industry and we look forward to seeing it implemented in your applications.

The first set of components and layouts available today are for the web, in React and Vue, see the complete list here. Our team will continue to make updates and release other components as we get feedback from partners and the ecosystem.

Our vision for the fintech UIkit is a data-driven design system that levels the playing field for financial services product development. A design that works for every brand, adheres to compliance rules and accessibility standards and delights the end user.

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Reach out to discover how your platform can integrate financial services, attract and keep more users, boost engagement and loyalty, and generate new revenue sources using our seamless Fintech UIkit.

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